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Welcome to Female to male massage in Paharganj Call 9871612418 near New delhi Railway Station. We provide best massage in Delhi. There are different type of massages available in our center. We not only focus on genuine but also give pleasure to the client. We are 100% Legally authorized. We have been working as massage service all over Delhi since 10 years. As we know Female to Male Body Massage and spa in Paharganj  and Massage therapy is popular massage in this area. There are thousands of people who always talks about this type of massage.

Body to Body massage in paharganj delhi and Type of Massage Service provided by Female Massager

1. Swedish Massage: Swedish Massage most common of massages, releases the entire body while Massage the body muscles with long effleurage strokes are gliding strokes in the right way of blood returning to our heart. It increases the level of oxygen in the our whole blood, decreasing level muscle toxin, improving blood circulation and flexibility of body while releasing tensions.

2. Thai Massage: This type of massage is performed in a proper place where all equipment are available. The technique of active stretching and gentle pressure with soft hands and feet from our female therapist that relaxing and energizing the body. Thai Massage support to adjust the skeletal structure of body, release muscular and joint pain, increase flexibility of muscle, stimulate the internal organs and balance the body energy system properly.

3. Full Body Massage: Remedial Massage holistically treatments of massage the whole body and traces the discomfort of back to the real cause. It uses specializing techniques to increase up the our body energy. Remedial Massage is targeted directly to the body skin, usually with an herbal oil lubricant. At our Body Massage Center , we provide world class service facilities at our massage center.

4. Deep Tissue Massage: This massage therapy is like to Swedish massage, but is used to target and release chronic muscle tension from our body. Other benefits of Deep Tissue Massage include reducing pain and helping to destroy scar tissue off from our body. This is a great massage therapy for improving from chronic issues or keeping in shape of your body muscles.

5. Body to Body Massage: This is a part of traditional Chinese therapy, closely related to acupressure of the body. Chinese Massage treatment creates movement and is therefore seen as a treatment for pain relief of your body. There are two types of Chinese Massage which focuses on stretching, pushing and kneading the muscles and which focuses on pressing at acupressure points and on pinching. Chinese Massage is involved Meridian Application, Herbal Formulas, Qigong Therapy and herbal or natural therapy.

6. Hot Stone Massage: This massage uses hot stones to apply pressure and heat our body. Hot Stones coated and herbal oil can also be used by the our female therapist delivering best massage strokes . The Hot Stone Therapy melts away your body tension, release muscle pains and increases blood circulation and metabolism of our body. The Hot Stones Massage commonly uses for decreases pain and muscle of the body, decreases chronic muscle stress and tension.

7. Sport Massage: Sport Massage is a physical & mental treatments basically used in the nervous system to treat joint pain and body disability. Sport Massage is valuable on to a support person prepares and recovery of bodily injuries, preventing minor or major injury and helping to achieve tremendous performance. Our female therapist gives you best massage services at the Delhi Massage Parlour.

8. Shiatsu Massage: Shiatsu Massage are traditional Japanese massage therapy invented from the Japanese therapeutic massage. Shiatsu Massage is a done by finger, hand pressure, elbows, thumbs, feet and knees of the body. Massage done to release energy flows and restore balance to meridians and body organs.

9. Reflexology Massage: Reflexology Massage mending strategies in light of the rule that there are ranges, or reflex focuses, on the feet and hands that relate to every organ, organ and structure in the body. By taking a shot at these reflexes, the reflexology tackles blockages and strains in whatever remains of the body. It is non intrusive treatment which can give a lift to the whole body’s yield.

spa in paharganj, near new delhi railway station

10. Relaxing Massage: Relaxing Massage advisors utilizes tender and smooth casting strokes with less accentuation on working out genuine bond or bunches in the muscle tissues. Enhances blood flow by concentrating on the territories of strain, quieting tension and asthma, diminishes stretch hormone, enhances state of mind and sentiment prosperity. Notwithstanding unwinding, back Massage can decrease torment, increment vitality levels, enhance physical/mental execution and animate the body lymphatic framework to divert squander results of the digestive system.

massage spa paharganj

11. Indian Head Massage: In light of the old recuperating treatment of Ayurvedic Massage strongly affects three higher parts of our chakras, the brain, body and our soul. This is exceptionally uncovering back Massage of head, upper back, shoulders, ears, neck and arms is perfect for the individuals who experience the ill effects of cerebral pains, headaches, tension and stress.

The Body Massage Center is offered Mobile Massage services by our professional Massage Therapist Visiting to your place like home and hotel so there is no excuse not to have Thai or relaxing massage session in Delhi city today. We Massage the all over Delhi.

Body Massage Center is a best massage center in New delhi, We Offers Body Massage Parlour in Near New delhi railway station and our uniqueness is body massage with full services. We offer Massage services for men and give you complete fun in a massage session with happy ending and then soothing shower. So come and rejoice with us, good choice of gorgeous girls you could select before entering the massage room. Come and experience our service, you would Love it !!!

Spa in Paharganj

What is Body Center Massage?

If you’re interested in the different types of massage available in Delhi, there is nothing that will bring you more pleasure than a body massage experience provided by a skilled and beautiful masseuse. She will use her entire knowledge to relieve you of all that tension building up inside, starting from your tense neck and shoulders and moving down to the chest and abdominal area. Body Massage in paharganj  provides outcall massage in the city to anyone who would like to discover the beauty of body massage for themselves.

Foot Massage

Have you ever considered receiving foot massage? People who visit or stay in Delhi have lots of wonderful attractions to visit, and the city is filled with fun things to do. If you wish to release the pain that has built up during the long day, you may be thinking about going to some of the downtown bars, restaurants or clubs. However, if you don’t want to do any of that and instead would prefer a truly satisfying experience right in your hotel room or apartment, why not treat yourself with an massage therapy from Expert Massage Service provider in Delhi ?

Thai spa in Paharganj New Delhi Railway Station,
We have trained staff for Thai spa services in Paharganj, Thai massage is totally a dry massage done by beautiful girls in Delhi, Thai spa is very popular amount people who regularly use this massage, the therapist uses her hands to stretch the body parts and press the different parts of the body. Thai massage is a very old and popular massage so many people around the globe people take massage which works as medicine. It helps to rejuvenate the entire body massage which is available at our spa center in Paharganj and many other centers in Delhi. It is a holistic approach by girls, we have north Indian therapists who are well-trained in Thai spa services. We have a 100% satisfaction success ratio. Our therapy includes 1-hour session which could body scrub/exfoliation and can make a client happy. Divya spa is the best Thai spa in Delhi which state of art facilities for Thai services. We have different branches in delhi like paharganj, Kalkaji, saket, Noida, rohini, janakpuri, dwarka mode Connaught place etc. You can check your nearest location and contact us.

Customer Testimonial

    “My first visit and experience was good. The beautiful and good environment makes you feel peaceful the moment you enter. The massage service is excellent and I would highly recommend Body Massage to my friends and family!”


“I enjoy visiting Massage Services because I can have a various massage experience with each visit. Each massage therapist has a unique style and professionally trained. I also appreciate the fact that they are open 7 days a week as well as evenings. There Services has been very accommodating to a crazy schedule. Many thanks to you!”

Spa in Paharganj near New Delhi Railway Station

173/2, Rk Ashram Metro, Gate No 2, Main Market, Near Rama Krishna Asharm marg Metro Station
New Delhi
Phone Number 9871612418